For more than four decades I have been involved in the wellness industry, helping people reach better health, happier states of mind and increased overall wellbeing. There is nothing more important, in this world, than discovering and living through one's authentic self. we are all incredible, vibrant and deserving. Finding the right mentor, coach or teacher is an important piece of achieving ones goals, dreams and desires. 

It is my hope that you will take the first step and begin the journey of transformation that, I know, will Make your life better. 

Awaken your true self

Achieve your goals

Find peace and balance

Transformation begins with a willingness to leave behind those things that hold us from our true selves.

What Clients Are Saying 

"working with Catherine helps me gain clarity around important decisions in both my professional and personal life. Her coaching and regular guidance offers me an unending source of support."             Edward P. Richmond, Virginia 

                     What to Expect Working with A coach

Clarification ~ Clear Communication                              Establishing Action ~ Goal Setting 

Releasing Negative Beliefs ~ Establishing positive habits 

Renewed Confidence ~ Results