Developing Super Consciousness

We are all familiar with the term 'conscious' and know it means to be 'aware' at any given moment. By using this term 'aware' and adding super in front of it, we can also understand what is meant by 'super aware'. When talking about 'super consciousness' we are talking about being 'super aware' and in so doing we allow our thoughts and mind to expand into levels of understanding that shift away from being 'unaware'. Being 'unaware' can also be called 'mindless'. Going about our lives in a state of mindlessness increases our feelings of dissatisfaction, created from a state of being disconnected. Disconnected from our true nature or self.

It's easy to see the relationship between NOT having the life you desire or want and being disconnected from your self. Without connecting to your thoughts, and 'aware' of why you think what you think, you close any pathways that lead you to connecting to higher consciousness. 

When you accept the process of change, you are allowing and connecting to a willingness to practice being aware, or super conscious. It is through this path of super consciousness that you begin to see the power of your own creativity and how you are connected, ultimately to all that exists. 

Opening your 'self' and 'mind' to connecting to your natural state of super consciousness and creativity requires that, simultaneously, you open your heart. It is said that where the brain is the conductor of the body, the heart is the conductor of the soul. An open heart receives and transmits messages of superconsciousness instantly. 

Living and making choices that arise from super consciousness allows for abundance. Seeing through the eyes of super consciousness brings us into states of joy, peacefulness and relaxation unlike any other states.

Beginning the journey toward living in super consciousness begins with raising your level of self awareness. 

In turn you will connect to higher states of connectedness, or oneness with all other beings.

It is this understanding, this supreme state of being, that is our true nature. 

It is who you are, have been and will always be. 

It is.



Think on this