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Hope Gatherings

An important part of my coaching work is guiding clients away from living in regret, disappointment and despair and into the freedom of living a life of forgiveness. Recently, Dr. Steven Standiford, chief of surgery at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, said that "refusing to forgive makes people sick and keeps them that way." Unforgiveness is classified in medical books as a disease.

All of us can think of a time in our lives, even touching present moments, where we have been swept away by the pain and suffering that accompanies holding onto negative thoughts that harbor resentment, anger and disappointment. These negative feelings can become insidious and impact our daily living in ways that hold us apart from living at our highest potential. 

That is why I have created the "Hope Gatherings".  A one day retreat, the Hope Gathering is a time to come together, with a common purpose that creates a bond. Attendees are guided into a deeper and meaningful understanding of how pains of our past lurk silently within, robbing us of the truest state of living in peace, fulfillment and happiness. We explore, as a group, revealing our darkest feelings. In the sanctity and sacredness of this space we real-eyes the opening exists, where we can finally release the burden, pain and suffering. The transformation occurs under the respect and commitment to ones desire to change. 

Each person enjoys:

A group experience offering understanding and privacy.

Group Hypnotherapy session where the goal is to release past trauma, grief and wrong thinking.​

Buffet lunch and a chance to mingle.

Create Hope Art Project: Several areas are available to create keepsakes of the day.

A beautiful closing ceremony, where attendees share their breakthroughs and revelations.

Closing prayer/meditation.

When: Please email Catherine for upcoming dates. Workshops are usually from 1 pm - 6 pm.


The Hope Gatherings are held at the private residence of Catherine Bradford, located in the lovely French Valley, Temecula.

Catherine's home and beautiful gardens were designed by her to evoke a deep sense of peace, harmony and balance. All who visit say it is the perfect environment for healing. 


Entire cost for the gathering is $150 

Also, attendees will have an opportunity to write in their personal notebooks as well as create a beautiful 'hope bracelet' as a keepsake of their time. 

For workshop dates and more information please contact Catherine Bradford at

Hope Gathering Facilitators

Catherine Bradford, Certified Professional Life Coach, Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist 


Catherine Bradford, CPC, CHt