Reflecting on change

Have you ever found yourself struggling with a sense of feeling stuck? Do you feel as though you fail every time you set a goal? Do you think, at times, about wanting to change something.........a behavior pattern, circumstances around a relationship or job, trying to change a bad habit that keeps you feeling healthy, even your attitudes that hold you apart from feeling satisfied and happy? 

Most people I know, on a regular basis, struggle with self-defeating thoughts and behaviors. We all struggle, to some degree, with challenges in our lives. And try as we might, at times, to change, we end up failing to stay the course, and return to our 'old ways' feeling even worse than before, carrying the guilt and shame that often accompanies our sense of failure.

I would be wrong to tell you that life is easy. A lot of life is NOT easy and often our challenges can be overwhelming. Most of us develop coping behaviors along the way, using these as a means to keep us afloat. But often our choices of coping behaviors turn out to be holding us down, keeping us from reaching goals or becoming the best version of ourselves possible. 

Self Awareness

​Becoming self aware is an important first step to creating any change in our lives. Makes sense, doesn't it? If you 'aren't aware' of what you're doing, or what is creating unrest and unhappiness, how can you think about altering the behavior or thought process? 

The odd thing about increasing self awareness, especially around a 'problem' is that our 'problems' are oft times hidden from our own view. We all have a unique way of turning a blind eye to those things that have any negative effect on us. This is way, under the partnership and support of a trained professional (coach) it is easier to identify those 'elements' of your life that get in your path to success, happiness and health.

Trust and Commitment

Stepping into self awareness requires that you trust your self. Having faith and confidence that you have the ability, to begin with, to create change, is vital to the process of change. I teach my clients that their belief in themselves, their own power

around their capabilities and their commitment to doing the work is what will move them into better circumstances more powerfully than any other skill or tool. "Believe it, so it will be." I believe that 'believing' it everything

Rome really wasn't built in a day

I often say, "Rome wasn't built in a day." I mean this figuratively of course, and use it to help my clients understand that any journey around self improvement and change is a life journey. While there may be a beginning of this journey of self discovery, there truly is no end, for our lives are rich with lessons and opportunities for self improvement. building a practice of self love, and deep self understanding. So embrace the journey of your own life, reach out when you need help, and begin to see the joy that all experiences offer. 



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We are all the same

what may first appear as different is truly only the same thing 

We are all connected

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