Oscar D., Seattle, WA.

"I worked with Catherine for a brief period in order to help my wife who has been a client of hers for some time now. She was able to help me understand more about the coaching process which in turn helped me be a greater support for my wife's changes."

Theresa V., Pittsburgh, PA.

"I met Catherine a year ago through mutual friends and have spent a lot of time this past year listening to her thoughts about life and spirituality. Her insights are always right on the money and can be adapted to anyone's life!" 

Juliet M., Santa Barbara, CA.

"Catherine has been my friend and colleague for many years. I have watched her grow professionally over these many years. Anyone who works with her is ensured of personal and spiritual growth!"

Debbie W., Sun City, CA.

"Finding myself needing to change careers due to a physical disability, Catherine has helped me examine my choices, instilling an "I can do anything" attitude that has been very helpful."

                    Catherine Bradford Coaching has helped people all over the world!

Edward P., Richmond, VA.

"Working with Catherine helps me gain clarity around important decisions in both my professional and personal life. Her coaching and regular guidance offers me an unending source of support."

Elin L., Boston, Mass.

"Catherine's coaching has provided me with valuable tools that I apply to everyday life choices. When I am feeling stuck, unmotivated and struggling, Catherine quickly guides me back on track!"

Our Clients

Your Happiness is our success!

Adam G., So. California

"My intention working with Catherine was toward personal productivity. She is sensitive, discerning, and easy to talk to. Working with her for a short time also yielded some unexpected therapeutic results." 

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Email: catherinebradfordcoaching@outlook.com

Carine L., So. California

"Imagine being the child of Catherine Bradford. I constantly say to my friends how lucky I am to have her as my mom. She has always known what to say and when to say it, guiding me through my entire life. I am so grateful for her."

Mary C., Los Angeles, CA.

"Catherine has profoundly changed my life.  The relatively short amount of time I worked with her was more effective than the twenty plus years I've spent in psychotherapy.  Most of my childhood inflicted PTSD symptoms are gone, an accomplishment I couldn't even imagine before our work together.  My healing process was fast and effective and she left me with tools to continue my development.  I now trust the present moment and am living a fuller life without fear." 

Brooke T., Australia

"I worked with Catherine during a difficult period in my professional life. Catherine guided me every step of the way, letting me know how the process works, what to expect with each session, and how to work as a team. 

Debbie D., Issaquah, WA.

"After more than 20 yrs. of traditional therapy, I thought I had made huge strides in my personal growth until I met Catherine. I have grown so much from our work together! I call Catherine my "Angel Cat". Working with her has forever changed my life!